Poltu Cuatu, Punta Li Tulchi and Cala di li Francesi


All the small bays in the north of Porto Ottiolu can evoke with their names their history of ancient docking. A very interesting situation for who wants to learn about Mediterranean vegetation richness that touch the small coves, and that, mainly in spring, show helichrysum, myrtle and other typical Sardinian coast plants intense and distinctive colours. Poltu Cuatu (the hidden port) is a small cove facing a sea area particularly suitable for diving and strong winds sheltered. Punta Li Tulchi as well (or Guardia Li Tulchi), that in the ancient times was barbarian pirates ideal docking, as the name suggests. Cala di li Francesi, instead, is named like this because of a small colony of French tourists that in the 70s lived in this place and often came back to enjoy a unique and confidential place, a kind of tourism nature-close.


Cala di li Francesi is easily reachable from the beach on the left side of Porto Ottiolu harbour, following a small dirt track. Going further Cala di li Francesi, over the hill, can be reached Punta Li Tulchi and Poltu Cuatu, through a narrow path that allows a real contact with the Mediterranean Sardinian vegetation.


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